Simplifying Payments For Everyone

A provider of interoperable payment solutions based on technology innovation. We bring the worlds of mobile and payments together. We link it to loyalty and relationships and make payments matter more for Individuals and Businesses.

The Power To Pay Safely Is In Your Hands

Empower individual to go cashless and cardless. Pay ‘on the go’ from diverse fund sources – for bills (mobile, utility etc), for goods/service purchased at a physical store, in-app and online store; send or receive money from anyone and much more.

No more carrying loose change, sharing card data or mobile number with retailer’s or frequent trips to ATMs.

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Empower Merchants To Transform Customers Payment Experience

Empower merchants / retailers with our integrated payment processing solutions and services, to deliver convenient, seamless and secure payment experiences across all sales channels, including in-store, online, and over the mobile app or on the go, to customers.

A frictionless payment solution that integrates with Retail Management System/ Billing System. Tools to attract new customers, engage existing ones and boost your sales, with an inbuilt loyalty program and targeted location-specific marketing campaigns.

Power to send SMS / Email/ In-App notifications where customers can review and pay invoices online/in-app from the comfort of their own homes or on the go.

Realize Rapid Benefits to B2B Accounts Receivables Process

Ensure the migration of expensive paper-based, NEFT, NACH payments to electronic alternatives is cost effective, simple, seamless and secure.

Enable B2B business to initiate payment collection requests, wrap payment instructions (via email, SMS or mobile app) with the remittance / settlement data and integrate reconciled payment information with existing Order Management System or ERP.

Accounts Receivables team reconcile payments from customers (received from diverse payment sources) in real-time that may include thousands of individual invoices.

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B2B Accounts Receivables/Reconciliation Solution