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Payments and Apps

Written by  Siddarth Tuesday, 27 June 2017 05:58

Let's face it. Paying using apps mostly is a hassle, especially in the offline world.
Let us take the example wherein you are at a grocery store and s/he accepts payments using one of the payment apps. The steps required for you to complete the payment are:

1. Download the app (Duh! Obviously). Good luck if you are on 3g/4g else you are better off paying using another means.

2. Once downloaded, setup your profile which includes entering your number, waiting for the validation OTP and optionally verify email address.

3. Now that you are a user of the app, go ahead and scan the QR code of the merchant. If you are unable to scan the QR code, enter the merchant's phone number (which is a massive privacy breach in itself).

4. Enter the amount and pay. The money is debited from your wallet if there is any wallet balance else you are asked to "load" your wallet. Complete this process while the merchant waits.

5. Complete the payment and ask the merchant to verify.

6. Merchant opens his payment app and checks. There is a little back and forth and then the payment is successful.

There are other mechanisms such as OTP based authentication and so on. But let's face it, there needs to be apps on both sides. Isn't that too complex to handle?  How do you think we can overcome this? And also please share the problems that you have faced with us.

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