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Why You Give Me Toffees Instead Of Change? - My Woes As A Consumer

Written by  fonePaisa Tuesday, 15 March 2016 15:00

Almost each and every one us, living in India, has at least once experienced the great Indian 'Toffee experience.'

Confused? Don’t be! In simple words it means – Chutta nahi hai, toffee lo.

Isn’t getting 1 rupee or 2 rupee chocolates the way of life when the shopkeeper doesn’t have loose change? 

Don’t you always get a toffee in return whenever you shop at our local grocery store or drink tea at our nearby tea-vendor’s stall or at the toll plaza we pass by? 

A majority of the people you meet probably hate being handed down a 1 rupee toffee instead of the intended change. You don't want to be treated like a 3-year-old kid delighted with this toffee treat. Many times you don’t even end up eating those toffees but instead give it to kid living in your house or next door. Some have become so accustomed to this entire practice that you don’t even wait for the shopkeeper to return back loose change and just walk off.

As a consumer I think its time, we give shopkeeper's the toffees we have accumulated in exchange of loose change. Will the shopkeeper willingly accept your toffee offer? Of course not but we do each and every time with just a disgruntled look on our face. 

The concern is increasingly the practice is not restricted to one or two bucks, but extends to well over 5 to 7 bucks these days.

The Economics of Toffee Victim

This simple practice of not taking change might seem harmless but think again? As a great philosopher once quoted: Little drops of water make a mighty ocean and the same stands true in the case of toffees.

This means that you end up losing one rupee each time you accept the toffee.

Let's do a simple match. If you get 10 chocolates on an average from the shopkeeper/ retailer/ forgo money from auto/ cab drivers each day,  then you end up losing approximately INR.3650 year on year. And if we are a family of 4 and each one loose 10 bucks a day, it amounts to INR. 14,600/- a year.

Yes, that’s the amount of absurd cash you end up losing cause of this overall annoying toffee experience. And i bet, we all can think different ways in which we could use this cash.

Dobara mat toffee lena – 'Jagoo Grahak Jaago'?

Yes. Its time you wake up as consumers and not let merchants benefit by making us tofee victims. Remember they have nothing to loose as they make money when they give us toffee's instead of loose cash. Cashless transaction is the answer to your question and insist that our favourite merchant starts accepting mobile payment. Slowing replacing your leather wallet or purse with fonePaisa digital wallet, enables you to go cashless and cardless. Earn reward points for recommending your favourite merchants and storekeepers too to accept mobile payment and reap the benefits of going cashless.

Join the cashless revolution by downloading the fonePaisa Consumer App and start accepting fonePaisa in your shops and start counting your savings and plan what you could do with this money!!!

fonePaisa digital wallets give you a unified payment experience that sync together all your important payment sources such as credit or debit cards, bank accounts, reward points, 11+ mobile wallets etc in one place.

Here’s hoping that the future has zero toffees in store for us.

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