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    About Us

    When you truly leverage the next generation interoperable payment solution on technology innovation,
    you'll get something amazing. Answers to overcome your problems with payments,
    be it P2P, B2C, B2B… or simply Anyone-2-Anyone.

Make Payments Easier, Faster and Safer

With methods of doing business evolving, merchants and corporates are constantly looking for ways to reduce their payment processing costs. They are also sensitive to the fact that, a customer’s payment experience plays a critical role in converting sales.

The hidden costs to send and receive payments are mostly borne by businesses which further impacts the consumer with higher prices. The current card network systems, though optimized for convenience over decades, are yet incredibly unsafe and cost inefficient. Also, “following the money trail” remains a top priority of business or government, to tackle accountability and transparency, if the transactions are dealt in cash.

For sustainable growth in the economy, the payment ecosystem overhaul was much needed and also to keep up with the changing technology. Retaining an insider’s understanding of the nuances of banking and the regulations, any payment solution must offer:

  • Interoperability among various payment options,
  • Payment source independence to tech-savvy customers and even the unbanked
  • Scalability and flexibility and security issues in the current legacy payment systems built when paper-currency reigned.

These challenges inspired the like-minded trio (Sharad, Ritesh and CSP) to change the way the world today makes payments. And fonePaisa was born.

Who We Are

fonePaisa Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a fintech startup headquartered in Bangalore, India.

After decades of creating banking solutions at organizations like Infosys (helping conceptualize, develop, sell and implement Finacle) and having worked in banks and banking software implementation – Sharad Hegde, Ritesh Agarwal and C.S.Prasad resolved to fix many problems in the conventional payments systems.

Our Mission: To EMPOWER our customers with omni-potential trustworthy solutions, ensuring safety and convenience.

Our Vision: Leverage upon our people, process and technology as cornerstones to offer payment solutions. Be a responsible corporate citizen with a sustainable green footprint.

Our "PROMISE" to our stakeholders is:


Result Oriented

Ownership of Actions



Serve Customers

Excellence in Everything

What Have We Done

Seeing how individuals are experiencing the changing rules of communication and everything converging within their mobile phones, we saw an opportunity to simplify payments and blend savings, payments, security and loyalty seamlessly...and more into our smartphones…!!

Since then, we have assembled the best team anyone may have. At fonePaisa, we all come together every day to address these and many unsolved questions:

“How can we bring the worlds of mobile and payments together? How can we link it to loyalty and relationships and make payments matter more?”

What We Offer – A Seamless Payment Experience

We leverage the next generation of interoperable payment solution based on technology innovation, and offer

  • For Consumers – A cashless and cardless world in which consumers have full control over their money and can pay anyone, or for goods / services directly from their multiple payment sources of choice, no matter where they are in a secure manner.
  • For Businesses - Secure and real-time payment and accounts reconciliation solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries, enabling them to achieve greater efficiencies in sales and cash-flow optimization. It also offers seamless, integrated on-demand payments for online, in-app and brick & mortar merchants, with consumer-side authentication on their smartphones.

Our Culture

At fonePaisa, we are continuously thinking ahead and anticipating how we can better serve our customers with breakthrough payment solutions. We believe that our alert and engaged colleagues are responsible for our growth. We encourage everyone on board to strive for personal and professional growth, by being genuine and action oriented. This belief is the foundation of our culture at fonePaisa.

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