• Green Commitment

    Green Commitment

    Conscious about environmental sustainability and protection

The fonePaisa team is conscious about environmental sustainability and protection. Save Paper and Reduce Waste is our Mantra. Our four principles ensure that we have a minimal impact on the environment.


  • Provide tools to our employees to reduce their paper consumption, e.g., we are using an electronic account management system.
  • Promote “Reduce, Reuse and Recycling” of resources and minimize waste in our office.


  • Embrace the digital receipts feature provided by our solution helps clients (both consumers and businesses) demonstrate their environment commitment.
  • Opting for electronic monthly statements and bills ensures paperless communication, also saving business money on paper, printing and postage.


  • Develop solutions that are environment-friendly alternatives to traditional billing and payment solutions, also creating a positive impact on the bottom line for business by shifting to paperless transactions.


  • Encourage our partners to educate our merchant customers to opt for electronic monthly statements.