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Go Cashless and Cardless With fonePaisa Super Wallet

Pay with your smartphone on the go - anytime, anywhere. Say bye bye to loose change, cash, credit/debit cards, loyalty cards, mobile wallet apps. Enables you to pay bills, recharge your mobile or DTH, buy goods or services at brick and mortar stores, in-app or online stores; send or receive money, spilt bills and keep track of the money others owe you and much more… It’s fast, reliable, secure and incredibly simple to use.

Amazing Next-Gen Features

Flash & Pay

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Jump the queue. Prepay bill by scanning the QR Code at the checkout counter. Flash the success QR Code for merchant to scan and you’re done. No more waiting in line for your turn to pay.

Payment Source Aggregator

Payment Source Aggregator, wallet Pay, mobile wallets, Credit Card Payment, Debit Card Payment, Net Banking Payment

No need to transfer fund to your wallet. Pay directly from your preferred fund source (credit / debit card, netbanking, 11+ mobile wallets, accrued reward points). Support all major cards and banks.

Networkless Payment

fonePaisa mobile wallet, Networkless payment, Network Connectivity, Network-less Payment

No problem if there is no mobile network. Transfer funds to fonePaisa mobile wallet and make payments in physical stores where network connection is poor.

  • We value your security

    Credit card safety, Debit card safety, Safe card details

    Your card info is safe

    When you shop at a merchant store, fonePaisa does not share your actual credit or debit card number as part of your payment. Instead, we use a virtual account number to represent your account information — so your card details remain safe.

    Mobile Security, Protecting Your Phone and Tablet from Loss

    Stay protected even when you lose your phone

    No more frantic calls to cancel your credit or debit cards. If your phone is ever lost or stolen, no one can gain access to your fonePaisa digital wallet without the 6 digit PIN to make a financial transaction.

    Information privacy, Protection of personal data, Financial Data Protection and Privacy

    Data Privacy

    We do not share your personal and financial data with any third party organization. However, your preferences will be used to share relevant offers and enhance your fonePaisa experience.

  • Explore More Features

    • Payment Alerts, Payment Alerts & Reminders, Automatic Payment Reminders, payment Reminder

      Personalized Reminder

      Alerts to take timely action so you can stay on top of your spending.

    • split bills, Split expenses with friends, Share Bills and Expenses, Split bills and expenses

      Split Bills

      Split expenses with family and friends for group vacations, rent etc.

    • Instant Transfer, Instant Money Transfer, send and receive money, Transfer Funds Online, send or receive payments, Send Money, Receive Payment

      Instant Transfer

      Send money instantly to family or friend in need, even without knowing their bank account number.

    • Refer & Earn, Refer-a-Friend Program, earn rewards for referrals, Refer a friend and get rewards

      Refer & Earn

      Introduce your family and friends to fonePaisa and get rewarded when they signup.

    • Track Transaction, Payment Transaction, Transaction Status, Money Transfer Transaction

      Spend History

      Track you spend with the payment receipts. Even if you lose paper receipts, you can search any transaction made via fonePaisa.

    What’s In It For Me?

    Direct Pay, Debit Card Payment, Credit Card Payment, Wallet Payment, Mobile Payment, Net Banking Payment

    Pay Anybody

    You can directly pay anyone from your preferred fund source. To make payments, when there are no network connections, you need to have sufficient funds in the fonePaisa wallet. You can also request money from family and friends!

    Rewards & Offers, Rewards Program, Loyalty Programs, Earn Reward Points,

    Rewards & Offers

    Every rupee spent through fonePaisa automatically earns you rewards and loyalty points, special offers, meaning you’ll constantly get more for your money.

    fonePaisa Customer Care Number, fonePaisa customer service and support, fonePaisa Email Support

    Help at Hand

    Our customer success team is just a tap away. You may call us at +91 80 4099 9698 or email us care@fonepaisa.com for assistance.

    Shop At Your Favourite Store

    fonePaisa is currently accepted in multiple shops across Bangalore, India and we’re adding more every day.

    Look for this symbol at checkout:

    sticker 72

    Accept fonePaisa in Your Business

    fonePaisa works anywhere a customer wants to pay without cash or swiping a card. You get support from fonePaisa, and your customers get to start paying with their smartphones right away!

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    So, What Are You Waiting For?

    Download the fonePaisa ‘Super Wallet’ App to experience the convenience of going cashless and cardless.

    Coming soon on iOS & Available on Android